Offshore Service Providers

In the world of business, entrepreneurs constantly seek innovative ways to maximize their profits. Over the years, business and investment patterns have become more sensitive to taxation policies and issues, as these influence the way in which business can be conducted and grow financially.

Offshoring is one of the ways in which businesses may seek to increase their returns. This enables a company to reduce its tax liabilities by incorporating in an offshore tax haven, which also leads to the possibility of offshore banking.

However, identifying the ideal tax shelter to suit your company’s needs requires a lot of research. The internet offers a wealth of information on tax havens, offshore companies, taxation systems, policies and emerging international business trends. Incorporating an International Business Company must be done through an agent or offshore service provider that is legally registered within a particular jurisdiction.

Given the fact that several offshore service providers are offshore companies themselves, the internet is the primary marketing tool that is used for providing offshore services. This means that several websites from which to choose are available on the Internet. Reading as many of the websites as possible in order to compare the services offered is definitely is wise start.

You may also choose to send emails inquiring about the services offered and seeking advice about how you may undertake your new offshore business venture. In so doing, the offshore service provider’s responsiveness or lack of response is worth a thousand words. You may look at the speed and level of communication, which may be unprofessional, professional or professional yet friendly and tailored to suit your needs. Or, you may choose to make phone calls as a means of establishing direct contact with the agent. Always ensure that the service being advertised is offered by a company that really legally exists!

To find out whether or not an offshore service provider is licensed, it is possible to request a scanned e-mailed copy of the company’s operating license. Ensuring that you are working with a legitimate licensed offshore service provider is fundamental.

Before or while doing this, you may also seek recommendations from a colleague who may have already incorporated an offshore company or received other offshore services. In this way, you will obtain first hand advice and information based on the person’s experience and knowledge.

Relevant information that should be gathered about an offshore service provider include the number of years of operation and experience, the availability of a legal advisor and the follow up services offered. These will indicate the trustworthiness of the agent so as to ensure that the service being paid for will actually be received and professionally delivered. Sound professional advice and speed in communication are also indicators of efficiency!

One of the main features of a tax haven is confidentiality. This is normally supported by strict confidentiality laws established by the jurisdiction. Ensuring that the agent has stringent policies about disclosing information regarding the members of the IBC is very important, since many business persons tend to go offshore as a means of protecting themselves from their competitors and several other personal or private reasons.

Finding the right offshore service provider will be an exciting and interesting experience if these steps are followed. Ensuring that your investment needs are satisfied requires the necessary research and testing.

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