Second Citizenship Program

The Dominica citizenship by investment Program serves as a means of granting Dominica citizenship and raising funds to develop the island’s public and private sectors.

The application process is very thorough and must be done through an agent that is locally registered and licensed by the Government of Dominica. Applications come under two major categories. One of these is a family option, which involves a non refundable contribution of US $100,000. This option caters for families of four, that is, a married couple with two children under the age of 18. In this option, the contribution for children above 18 is US $15,000. In the event that there are more than two children, the contribution per extra child is US $25,000. The second option is aimed at single applicants and involves a non refundable contribution of US $75,000.

However, before the government accepts any contribution from an applicant, the relevant due diligence requirements must be satisfied. Contributions will only be accepted provided that the applicant obtains satisfactory due diligence results. Due diligence fees are not inclusive of the contributions made to the government, and are paid separately and directly to an international due diligence agency, which is licensed and selected by the Government of Dominica. The due diligence procedure may cost between US $2,000 and US $10,000 or more, depending on the duration of time that may be needed to conduct the necessary procedures. The time frame in which due diligence is conducted will be affected by factors such as the number of applicants within a family, their ages and number of countries of residence that an applicant may have changed over the past years. Under normal circumstances, however, due diligence may be completed over a period of four to six weeks.

Some of the documents required from each applicant include a birth certificate, an employment letter, and a bank and professional reference for applicants above 18. Applicants who are college and university graduates are required to submit notarized copies of their university and or college diplomas.

Dominica’s Second Citizenship Program assists the Government with constructing and maintaining schools and healthcare facilities, and developing the tourism and agricultural industries. Persons who become citizens of Dominica through the citizenship program make a major contribution to the island’s economy. Dominica’s citizenship is guaranteed for life, and provides several benefits such as visa free travel to over 80 countries, better chances for investing and working in other CARICOM (Caribbean Community) member states to which Dominica belongs. One of the benefits of having a second passport which is Dominica is the ability to freely travel to the island as a safe haven from terrorist attacks, political and social turmoil should these occur in the country of primary residence. Dominica is economically, politically and socially stable. It is ideally located between the two French Departments of Martinique and Guadeloupe, and as a result shares very strong cultural bonds with these islands. Dominica also has a steadily growing economy and excellent potential in the area of ecotourism due to the island’s wealth of natural resources such as rivers, sulfur springs, dive sites, flora and fauna and interior tropical rain forests.

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